Summary - Lightning Hackday - Berlin

Posted on Sunday , 2018-09-09 , 01:52 PM | Blockchain

On the second of September the second Lightning Hackday took place. Interested parties were given an insight into the Bitcoin Lightning Network at this event. Those who could not attend, can now see the lectures in the video.

No question, the Lightning Hackday is an initiative that I really like. Both the hands-on character of a barcamp and the focus on bitcoin's off-chain scaling are points that speak for the series of events and prompt us to announce the third Lightning Hackday in more concrete terms. All the better that Fulmo has collected some impressions on Twitter. Particularly noteworthy is the YouTube stream, which covers a large part of the lectures held. Looking through a six-hour block may be a nice evening activity for die-hard nerds, but for those interested in lightning living alongside Bitcoin, the timestamps for each agenda item are elsewhere.